Our Story

Smarter-Seal was born after its creator and founder, William Battaglia, observed a stranger wiping off the top of his beverage can with his t-shirt, before drinking directly from the can.  My initial thoughts were, 'that's disgusting', and 'there has to be a better way'.  After researching the market, the need for a better way to keep tops of beverage cans clean, sanitary, and free of insects and bees still existed and needed to be improved upon.  Smarter-Seal is a "Patented", inexpensive, and simple solution to the unsanitary and inconvenient problems that occur when drinking from the familiar, but very popular, beverage can.  My product allows consumers to keep their beverage cans clean and sanitary, whether on-the-go, or at home, and it also provides the ability for consumers to save their favorite beverages to enjoy later. No more throwing away half-used cans or flat soda!  I also felt that it was important for a much more functional product so that consumers could interact directly with the product while enjoying their favorite beverages from a can.  This is where Smarter-Seal's unique lid design comes into play.