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No Spills • No Germs • No Bugs • Keep the Fizz!

We've got you covered! Our clever can cover solves every hygiene concern. Smarter-Seal soda can covers add complete protection for beverage cans to keep your lid free from bacteria, chemical or environmental contamination. It also prevents insects and wasps from entering your opened can. Smarter-Seal isn't just for soda cans. They work great for ALL beverages —water, juice, coffee, tea, beer, etc. Keep a few caps in your glove box/console, take in your carry-on bag, or your gym bag, bring some to outdoor events, the possibilities are endless. It's the most valuable resealing solution for beverage  cans with the benefit of being easily removable for recycling. Plus - your beverage will keep its fizz 58% longer!

Spills aren't cool.

Spills aren't cool.

Smarter-Seal helps alleviate spills and a whole lot more! Increase your fizz, fight germs and don't cry over spilled soda!

We've got you covered!

We've got you covered!

In addition to saving the day, Smarter-Seal soda can covers provide protection against bacterial contamination and increase your fizz by 58%!

Easy & Convenient

Easy & Convenient

Smarter-Seal soda can toppers are portable and easy to access no matter the activity. Keep your family safe from harm wherever they may travel!

Clean & Convenient

Convenience Never Tasted So Good!

Keep these convenient beverage covers with you and enjoy your beverages as they were intended.

8-Pack | Soda/Beverage Can Lids | Multi-Color

Now Available

Smarter-Seal Colors

Assign everyone their own shade of Smarter-Seal and stop the "he-drank-my-soda" arguments! Stay tuned for the launch of our Color Collection!


Smarter-Seal In Action!